Tenant information

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Cremorne First National.

For your convenience, we have set out below some information regarding services.


service connection and account enquiries

electricity Energy Australia 131535
gas AGL 131707
telephone Telstra 132200
water Sydney Water 132090
if applicable, the water meter should be read prior to occupancy commencing.

garbage services

All household rubbish should be disposed of in council bins, where provided, or lidded bins. Collection is to be carried out weekly, Mosman collections being Thursday mornings and North Sydney collections varying between streets – please contact the council Health and Building Department on 9936 8100 for further details.


Please would you ensure that a working set of keys to the property is held by our office to facilitate repairs and in the event of emergency access. At the end of the Tenancy Agreement any keys and swipe cards supplied must be returned to the Agent. Missing items will be replaced at the tenants’ expense.

contact telephone numbers

We would appreciate it if you would advise us of your business and home telephone numbers as on occasion we may need to contact you regarding repairs etc.

repairs and maintenance

All repairs required should be confirmed to Cremorne First National either in writing or via our website form (where possible). Please understand that in cases where the cost of repairs is excessive, the owner shall be consulted which may result in a small delay. However, we will do all possible to rectify the situation and minimize inconvenience.

Where the tenant requests a repair and subsequently a tradesman establishes that a problem does not exist, the tenant will be responsible for the tradesman’s costs. Where the tradesman establishes the problem was caused by the actions of the tenant, the tenant is responsible for the tradesman’s costs.

You may contact our office on 9904 1234 and we will be pleased to assist. In the unlikely event that an urgent repair is required and you are unable to contact us, the following tradesmen should be contacted:

Daniel Optimal Plumbing: 0405 313 313
Well Connected: 0406 065 905

Or, if unable to speak to either of these tradesmen, please contact the following:

Energy Fix: 132604
AGL: 131245
(gas leaks): 131909

rent payments

Future rent payments may be made by the following method:

  • BPAY into our trust account using the BPAY code and your personal number
  • Direct debit into our account
  • Cheque in the mail

Rent must be paid on or before the due date. Where tenants are consistently late with rental payments an application will be made to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal, which obliges tenants to pay rent on time. In the event of a bounced cheque any associated charge will be debited to the tenants account.

rental bond monies

Upon establishing satisfactory condition of the premises at the end of the lease, rental bond monies will be released to the tenant. Please note the same signatures used to lodge the bond will be required to release the bond.

Cremorne First National looks forward to being of service to you in the future.

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